• Burglar targets businesses along I-5 corridor

    By: Alison Grande


    ARLINGTON, Wash. - Arlington Police hope someone can identify a burglar who is racking up a long list of victims.

    Investigators say in each burglary the suspect used a rock to break the glass door or window and climbed inside.

    All of the burglaries happen in the middle of the night when the businesses were closed.  The first targets were in Arlington, the last business hit was in Mt Vernon. The man in surveillance video and pictures looks like it is likely the same man. He takes the rock he used to break in - with him when he leaves.

    Aaron Kaehr owns Hair and Body Mechanix in Mt. Vernon his business was targetted early Saturday morning. His surveillance cameras showed a man throw a rock at his glass door. The door was made of safety glass so it didn't shatter; the man had to kick it in.

    He went to the cash register, it was empty. The safe was locked and bolted to the floor. He stole hair products and a baseball bat that was mounted on the wall. 

    "If you want something, work hard for it. That just upsets me when people think ‘your stuff is my stuff. I'm going to break your windows to get it, ‘" said Kaehr.

    The same burglar broke into Eddie Kelley's pottery shop, River Clay Studio, a block away.  Kelley lives in an apartment above the store and heard a loud crash.

    "All of a sudden he came running out from behind the counter and I saw him running out, " said Kelley.

    He had some choice words for the burglar, "He's a low life scum. What can I say," commented Kelley.

    Police believe the same burglar hit five businesses in Arlington - Red Door Beads, Papa Murphy's, Baskin Robbins, Patty's Eggnest, and Recycled Biker Stuff.

    Police hope to identify the burglar so they can make an arrest before the list of victims grows. They also believe the same man is responsible for burglaries in neighboring communities.

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