• Burglar points out homes he hit

    By: Lee Stoll


    LYNWOOD, Wash. - Lynnwood PD laid out the few items recovered form a month-long burglary spree, including empty jewelry boxes, pendants and necklaces. Officers say the rest, including iPods and computers, was already sold or traded for drugs.

    John Franks came home three weeks ago and found credit cards and coins were stolen from his closet.

    "I was really worried about the credit cards, I wanted to get them canceled right away," said Franks.

    His roommate, a middle school teacher in Ballard, was missing her computer.

    "I believe it's school records, test records, student records, that kind of thing." Said Franks.

    Seattle Public Schools says the computer has several levels of password protection. Nothing was breached.

    Officers arrested 31-year-old Charley Hart after he allegedly used Franks' credit card at a mini mart. According to court papers, Hart confessed to burglarizing seven homes and took a drive with officers to point out every house he'd hit.
    Franks found a piece of the broken credit card used to pry open his door during the day.

    "I'm very happy that he got caught." Said David Walker. His wife saw a man inside their neighbor's home who said someone stole jewelry and a Kindle. It was daylight, so she didn't call police.

    "We thought it was something to do with just regular neighbors. We didn't find out until later that they weren't home." Said Walker.

    Lynnwood police sent a letter to the victims today telling them someone was arrested and some property was recovered in the event they want to come to the department and try to identify it.


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