• Burglar in the buff breaks into museum

    By: Gary Horcher


    Sedro-Woolley, Wash. - As a historian and curator of the Sedro-Woolley Museum, Carolyn Freeman figured she’d seen every aspect of dark or weird local history.

    That all changed last week.  Freeman saw a naked, bleeding burglar on the museum’s surveillance video, while the burglar spent hours rearranging ladders, broken boards, and pieces of an antique stove on the floor.

    “Through the years, there have been a lot of interesting things here,” said Freeman in the museum’s office. “But this one is just very bizarre.” 

    Sedro-Woolley Police tell KIRO-7 they had released the burglary suspect, after they arrested him for car prowling, and trespassing at a nearby Wal-Mart. Within a few hours, they say the suspect stole a car, and may have used it to push in a garage door leading to the museum’s storage area.  “He was in there overnight, into the next morning,” said Freeman, who showed KIRO-7 the video. “He’s nude, and he’s placing items into some sort of pattern on the floor.”

    The museum was not open when the break-in happened on September 1st.  When police caught the 22-year-old suspect, he had a stolen car, and items missing from the museum. “The police called me, and said there was a break-in at the museum,” Freeman said. “I’m just glad he was contained to the storage room, and away from the main body of the museum,” Freeman said. With all the weird stuff he was doing back there, there’s no telling how much damage he could’ve done.

    Police believe the suspect was under the influence of drugs when he broke in. Prosecutors are expected to charge him with burglary, theft and car prowling. Carolyn Freeman knows some young visitors will ask about the burglar in the buff. She has an answer ready.

    "Bottom line, stay off the drugs, because you never know what it's going to do to your brain,” she said. 

    Freeman says the museum will count on donors to fix and clean up the damage.

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