Bungling burglars flip shopping cart loaded with TVs



SEATTLE - Bungling burglars who used a shopping cart to try to transport three stolen TVs had to flee when the cart flipped in West Seattle.


Police said the burglary happened at around 12:30 a.m. Thursday at a home in near 12th Avenue Southwest and Holden Street.


When police arrived, they found three large TVs, a BB gun and an Airsoft gun inside a shopping cart.


Officers said the burglars were using the cart to move the items when it flipped under the pressure of the heavy items.


The burglars ran from the scene and climbed over a fence as police arrived. 


The victim of the burglary said that luckily, the burglars didn’t appear to have thought through their plan.


"It looked like one of these things where they're looking for easy pickings and then they're off. They were rolling around with a shopping cart with three big TVs.   It doesn't make any sense, other than being stupid,” said Mo Kashmiri.


Using a police dog and the King County Guardian One helicopter, officers found and arrested one suspect.  Two more are at large, police said.