• 34 BUI Arrests during Seafair races

    By: Chris Legeros


    SEATTLE - A team of law enforcement officers made 34 arrests on Lake Washington over the Seafair weekend for boating under the influence or BUI.

    The number was down dramatically from the 61 arrests last year. Officers pointed out that there were fewer boaters on the water and on the log boom during the hydro races.

    One reason could be the absence of the popular Blue Angels. Those who were arrested were given citations that will cost them $1,000.

    Brian Hathaway said he felt terrible after getting one. He called it a "stupid mistake" and said he'll never make that mistake again.

    A few of those arrested refused to take breathalyzer exams to measure the amount of alcohol in their systems. Their fines immediately went up by another thousand dollars.

     If they didn't have a sober friend or family member around to take their boat home, that boat was impounded.

    The impound fee cost the owner another 675-dollars.

    Police said a few of those arrested had previous BUI or drunk driving arrests, or outstanding warrants. Instead of being issued a ticket and allowed to take a taxi home, those offenders were immediately booked into the King County Jail.

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