• Brutal beating leaves shoeprint on 12-year-old's forehead


    MARYSVILLE, Wash. - A Marysville middle school student was beaten so brutally that the boy's attackers left a footprint on his forehead.


    News of the attack spread like wildfire on Facebook, and many people in Marysville fear the beating may be part of a gang-related initiation.


    Police said the attacked appeared to be random.


    Faint signs of Austin Calvin's beating are still pressed into his head.


    But the 12-year-old looked much better Wednesday than when his father first heard his friends yelling a few blocks from their house Saturday night.


    Two cars full of high school-aged boys saw Austin and his two friends walking to the movies around 8:30 p.m.


    “My friends, they ran. I tried to, but I didn't get away fast enough,” said Austin.


    He went down under a hail of punches, kicks and stomps that were so ferocious that tread marks were imprinted into his forehead.


    “I was terrified -- just speechless, and I didn't know what to do,” said Austin.


    He blacked out.  His parents rushed him to Children's hospital in Seattle   He had three facial fractures and several chipped and fractured teeth.


    Doctors still haven't cleared Austin to play football after his concussion and say he could have been injured far worse.


    “I just don't understand why kids are doing this, said Austin’s father, Scott Calvin.


    While Austin has been recuperating, they've heard the same group of boys has been involved in two other violent attacks.


    Police have made two arrests so far and are continuing to look for others involved in the beating.

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