• Suspected burglar shot, killed by business owner


    NEAR KENT, Wash. - A man suspected of burglarizing a business near Kent was shot and killed by the business owner early Wednesday morning.

    A second man was detained by the business owner until authorities arrived.

    The shooting happened at Frager Farms, which is located on Frager Road South near Meeker.  The owner lives on the property and became aware of something going on in the office of the business that didn’t seem right. He went to the office armed with a shotgun. Inside the office he confronted two men and fired the fatal shot.

    The second man was not shot and was waiting to be taken into custody when deputies arrived.

    It is not yet known if the men were armed.

    The King County Sherriff’s Office is investigating the incident. Among the questions they need answered is whether deadly force was justified. Under law, a property owner has the right to defend himself or his property, if he feels his life is in danger.

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