• 911 service out for hours Thursday morning


    After an intermittent 911 outage affected all of Washington state, service has now been restored.

    The outage was discovered between 1:30 a.m. and 2 a.m. Thursday.  CenturyLink provides 911 service to the entire state of Washington.  

    There were some outages reported in Oregon as well, but service there was restored earlier.

    The problem in Washington was much larger. All of the dispatches in the state were connected, but service in some areas was better than others.

    NORCOM, the North East King County Regional Public Safety Communication Agency, said messages for people needing 911 and numbers to call were posted on overhead freeway system signs during the outage.

    NORCOM deputy director, Mike Mandella, said he had not seen such 911 outages in his 32 years in the business.

    CenturyLink has apologized for the outage, but has not released a cause.

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