• Brazen burglar caught on camera at South Seattle home


    SEATTLE - South Seattle homeowners are on the lookout for brazen burglars.

     People in the Lakeridge neighborhood say several homes have been hit in the past few months.

     A surveillance video shows that one burglar was in no rush as he walked out a motor scooter from a house.

     Gosay Mohammad showed KIRO 7 the video frame by frame.

     “Since there's no power on it, he was using his feet to peddle,” said Mohammad, who is a family friend of the homeowner and is housesitting.

     "I came home around 6 a.m. and the air conditioner was moved. (It) seemed kind of fishy to me.  All the drawers were opened,” said Mohammad.

     A lot of valuables were missing.

     “They took a lot of his jewelry – Burberry, Guess, Gucci,” said Mohammad.

     The burglar also took a camcorder and a flat screen TV.

     Neighbors said they weren't surprised to hear about the break-in.

     Just a few months ago, a nearby house was also targeted.

     "Somebody kicked in the back basement door and somebody, in broad daylight, took out some rollaway tool boxes,” said neighbor Chad Plano.

     Because of another break-in a few years ago, a homeowner installed the cameras that caught the whole burglary on camera -- you could even see when the burglar ripped down one of the cameras.

     But he apparently didn't realize there were many other cameras set up outside the house that were still recording.

     The homeowner estimates the burglar got away with $6,000 worth of belongings.

     The victim is hoping someone will recognize the man in the video and call police.

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