• Boys accused of firing gun, taking it to school


    LACEY, Wash. - Thurston County deputies said a 12-year-old boy fired a shot with a stolen handgun Tuesday morning and a 13-year-old boy is accused of bringing the weapon to a middle school.            


    Police said the gun was visible in the 13-year-old’s waistband Monday when he walked onto the grounds of Nisqually Middle School.


    Detectives said the 12-year-old got the .38-caliber handgun from the 13-year-old boy and then fired it at a Lacey park.


    Deputies said the 13-year-old is a runaway.


    Neighbors said having two young boys walking around with and shooting a gun is unbelievable.


    Both boys were arrested Tuesday on charges of possession of a stolen gun.


    Police said the handgun may have been stolen from the 13-year-old’s father.


    The gun was recovered by officers.

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