• Boyfriend suspected in Lakewood woman's death

    By: Richard Thompson


    LAKEWOOD, Wash. - Tristan Johnson shook his head and looked at all the Lakewood police in front of his neighbor's apartment, saying, "A horrible, horrible deal. It's just sad."

    Johnson's 33-year-old neighbor, Angela Cannizzio-Brooks, was killed inside her apartment Wednesday morning. The woman's boyfriend, a 32-year-old soldier, made a frantic call to 911 around 4 a.m. saying Cannizzio-Brooks was unresponsive and needed help.

    Paramedics arrived and found the scene suspicious. They called in Lakewood police, who quickly determined they were dealing with a domestic violence homicide. An autopsy conducted Wednesday afternoon determined Cannizzio-Brooks had been hit in the head, but died from strangulation.

    Cannizzio-Brooks' estranged husband Kevin Brooks spoke to KIRO-7 from his home in Connecticut. 

    "(It's) just devastating, completely devastating. She was the most loving, caring person you could ever meet. She had nothing but love for everybody who had love for her. She loved her kids and would do anything for them," he said.

    Lakewood police said Cannizzio-Brooks' 13-year-olddaughter and 2-year-old son were not staying at the apartment when she was killed and they are safe.

    Neighbors tell KIRO-7 the boyfriend-turned-suspect is a soldier. Lakewood detectives spent most of Wednesday interviewing the man and expected to arrest him Wednesday night. 

    As the criminal case moves forward, Brooks aid he cannot believe his ex-wife has been killed.

    "She's going to be sadly missed. She's very loved by everybody. She's just an overall great person to know and be around," he said.



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