• Boy fights would-be teen burglar, drags him back to house


    SEATTLE - Two high school boys accused of breaking into a classmate’s house got more than they bargained for when the classmate fought back, police said.


    The incident began around 9:30 a.m. Monday in the Lake City neighborhood of Seattle when two brothers, ages 15 and 16, tried to break into the house of another teenager they knew from school, police said, but that teen refused to be a victim.


    Hassan Kone said he was riding home with his grandmother, and as they approached his house, they saw two teenagers.


    "He recognized them. He recognized his hat and the stuff they had. So he got out the car and took off,” said Kone’s grandmother, Juanita Zuniga.


    Kone ran after the boys, caught one of them, and a fight began.


    “That's when we started brawling.  And then he tried to hit me, but he didn't (make contact). I landed a couple good hits,” said Kone.


    Kone told KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Frank Field that he then dragged the teenager back to his house while a neighbor called police.


    Within a few minutes, officers found the other brother.


    During the chase, Kone lost a shoe, so he made the would-be thief give up his shoes so he could walk outside and look for the rest of his things.


    “I told him to just lie on the floor and there wasn't going to be any more problems, because I really didn't feel like fighting him you know," said Kone.


    Kone said he found his stolen items, including a computer, a PlayStation and games, under a neighbor’s deck.



    "What's mine is mine and what's theirs is theirs.   I wasn’t going to let them take my stuff so easily,” said Kone.


    Police called the parents of the two brothers and then took the two boys to the juvenile detention center.

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