• Boy, 9, gives roses to cheer people 'who looked sad'


    On Saturday, a young boy and his mother were at the Tacoma Mall, which was full of Valentine’s Day decorations and sales.

    The boy, age 9, and his 2-year-old sister passed out red roses as their mother watched nearby.

    KIRO 7 photographer Terry Griffin was there and asked what made the boy give the flowers to random people he saw.

    He said he wanted to give them to people “who looked sad” to cheer them up.

    “When I caught up to him and his mom, they were just leaving and they said they were headed from the mall to the hospital to delivery more roses,” Griffin wrote on Facebook. Follow this link to read his entire post.

    “I shook the little guys hand and told him he was an awesome kid and that I was really impressed with him,” Griffin wrote. “(His) gift made my day a little bit brighter.”

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