• 2 students arrested following bomb threat at Bonney Lake High School


    BONNEY LAKE, Wash. - Two students were arrested Wednesday for a bomb threat at Bonney Lake High School, police said.

    The school was closed after a threatening note was found Tuesday morning.

    Police said the bomb threat note was found in a campus bathroom.

    School officials called police and used the school's surveillance camera system to identify possible suspects.

    A Pierce County Sheriff’s Office bomb-sniffing dog  searched the school looking for evidence of an explosive device, but nothing was found.

    Because the security sweep would leave the students outside in the cold for some time, classes were canceled and students were picked up by parents or sent home on buses.

    Both of the students who were arrested were booked into Remann Hall on Wednesday. Under school district policy, students face automatic expulsion for making a bomb threat.



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