Bomb threat reported at local high school


This was the letter sent Thursday to Skyline High School families. The school in Sammamish had a bomb threat written on a bathroom wall.

December 19, 2013

Dear Skyline families, 

Today we discovered a bomb threat written on a wall in a boy’s restroom. The threat indicated that the school should evacuate or a bomb would go off on Friday. Since the threat was discovered, we have been working closely with local law enforcement to ensure the safety of students and staff. Police will conduct a sweep of the entire campus tonight using specially trained dogs after all staff and students have left.

Together we have been investigating the threat and trying to determine its source. This has included looking for unusual behaviors and objects in general, monitoring students' coming and going from class and passing periods and reviewing camera footage.  

Because the timeline for the threat was made for Friday, in conjunction with law enforcement, we made the decision to allow after school activities to proceed as usual. We would not have allowed these activities unless we felt certain that students and staff were safe.

We will send another bulletin out early tomorrow morning after law enforcement has swept the building. We anticipate school will be on a regular schedule tomorrow, unless we receive the snow in the forecast. In that case, we may have a delayed start to school.


Lisa Hechtman, Principal

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