• Bomb scare from anti-government emailer

    By: Henry Rosoff


    FIFE, Wash. - A bomb scare shut down government buildings for more than an hour Monday afternoon.

    It came in the form of an email to among other people, staffers at KIRO 7.  In the email a man promised to plant six bombs around the area of Nissan of Fife and ranted against the government.

    “…the government is scum, which is why I will murder every law enforcement officer that attempts to stop me today,” he wrote.   “Your inane attempts to save lives will only backfire.  I will stain the floors with blood…”

     Detectives evacuated the dealership and searched with Port of Seattle dogs.  No bombs were found. 

     “We’re following up on a few leads right now our detectives are working with Tacoma,” said Fife Police Cmdr. Dave Woods.  “We’ve done our due diligence, requested outside assistance, done everything we can with the city at this time.”

     No arrests have been made.  The general manager of the dealership declined to comment for this story.  He said he would speak when the incident was resolved.


    Below you can find the full rant sent to KIRO 7, typos and all:

    Today at 1:00 I will kill every single customer and employee at Larson Nissan of Fife Washington.

    I have placed six bombs in various locations in the area, you will not find them until it's too late.


    My life is currently falling apart,

    My family hates me.

    My girlfriend is close to finding out I've been cheating on her.

    I can't get into college.

    I'm going to be fired soon.

    And worst of all, the goverment, I can no longer stand what the goverment is doing to this country.

    I am no longer the boy I once was, my views on this world have been radicially changed over the past two months, the goverment is scum, which is why I will murder every law enforcement officer that attempts to stop me today.


    Any attempts to warn the people inside of MY building will only result in their deaths.

    Your only chance at saving lives today is going to be killing me.

    This is not some suicide by cop fantasy, these are just the facts.


    Do not call, do not enter the building, don't even email.

    Your innane attempts to save lives will only backfire.

    I will stain the floors with blood, I will make everyone realise they should have never messed with [me].

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