• Boeing creates germ-zapping bathroom


    Boeing has created a new airplane bathroom for the germ-conscious traveler that you may wish you had at home.

    It includes hands-free technology for the toilet, faucet, soap dispenser and garbage can and is self-cleaning as well.

    PHOTOS: Boeing creates bathroom that cleans itself in 3 seconds flat

    When the bathroom is empty, ultraviolet light is used to kill 99.99 percent of germs. The cleaning system lifts and closes the toilet seat by itself so that all surfaces are exposed.

    The cleaning cycle takes less than three seconds, according to Boeing.

    A team also is studying a hands-free door latch and a vacuum-vent system for the floor.

    Boeing engineers are working on bathrooms and other concepts that would make the overall airplane cabin cleaner.

    The company has filed a patent but says more studies need to be done before it’s offered on flights.

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