• Blind man talks about robbery at ATM

    By: Alison Grande


    SEATTLE, Wash. - A man is behind bars after allegedly robbing a blind man at an ATM in downtown Seattle last Saturday morning. 

    The victim is legally blind in one eye, and visually impaired in the other, was robbed while at his ATM at Fourth Ave and Pike Street.  

    He asked us not to use his last name, his first name is Mitchell.  The 53-year old said withdrew money at an ATM so he could pay his rent.  

    Mitchell said he heard a man behind him say, “ 'Give me your money. Don’t move, don’t say a word. I have a weapon, I’ll kill you'.”

    Mitchell said the man stole $380 from him. Once the man left, Mitchell ran outside for help. The robber’s face was caught on the ATM camera.

    Mitchell lost his eyesight from complications from diabetes.  He was using his cane last weekend, and had his face very close to the buttons on the ATM.  He says he feels violated and won’t use ATMs anymore.  Now, he’ll go inside the bank.

    The suspect is 45-year-old Michael Castro.  He was arrested Tuesday night in Pioneer Square, still wearing the same clothes.

    He was also wanted in New York, where he has convictions for assault and drug crimes.  He’s in the King County Jail, and his bail is set at $70,000.

    Mitchell is relieved the man is caught, “I hope he’ll learn his lesson and not do it again.”

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