• Woman injured in dog dispute

    By: Joanna Small


    SEATTLE - A Seattle family tells us an elderly woman is the victim of an attack that sent her to the hospital-- all over a dog.  It happened near Bitter Lake as the woman was walking back to her apartment from the grocery store.

    "She would have been like right here,” Marni Betzvog points out, walking through the grocery store parking lot with her niece Theodora.

    That's when Marni says a young couple assaulted her mother-- Theodora's grandmother—because of a little mixed breed dog Marni's mom didn't pay a penny for but that's invaluable to her.

    "She's pretty depressed about Wintson.  She misses him a lot.  They're best buds,” Marni tells us.

    Marni says the woman struggled with her mom in the parking lot near her mom’s apartment.  She grabbed the dog and pushed Barbara Betzvog over her walker.

    "And my mom landed and dislocated her shoulder and bruised herself up pretty bad,” Marni explains.

    Barbara got Winston about two years ago; he was a stray a friend found.

    "After three weeks of posting it on Craigslist and around on posters there was no-- no one came forward,” Marni remembers.  Oddly, though, she says her mom ran into Winston's alleged abductor last summer in a park nearby the apartments.  She said the woman claimed to be Winston's original owner.  They had a civilized conversation; Marni's mom even gave her her cellphone number, but Barbara never heard from the woman.

    KIRO 7 confirmed with Marni, who confirmed with her mom that the alleged dog-napper is on Facebook.  We sent her a message, asking to talk about what happened.  We haven't heard back.

    Marni gave the name to police; she hopes they'll have better luck than we did.

    "I don't know what would happen to my mom if she doesn't get him back,” she concludes.

    We did some checking.  In most cases the right to a pet belongs to the true or original owner unless that owner did not make a reasonable effort to find their pet, and the person who found made a reasonable effort to locate the owner.

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