• Bellevue officers under investigation after allegedly taunting Seattle cops


    BELLEVUE, Wash. -  The Bellevue Police Department are investigating three of its officers after an alleged taunting incident after a Seahawks game with Seattle police officers.


    The Seattle Times reported that after Sunday’s game, three off-duty Bellevue cops were leaving and allegedly threw a beer cup on the ground outside of CenturyLink Field.


    An on-duty Seattle police officer asked the three to put it in a nearby trash can.


     According to The Seattle Times, the Bellevue officers refused to pick up the cup.


    The Seattle Police Department said the officers allegedly taunted the Seattle police officer and were swearing at her.


    Another officer was called in for backup, and when the officer arrived, the Bellevue cops allegedly swore and confronted the second officer.


    The Seattle Times reported that the Bellevue cops were allegedly drunk and flashed their badges.


    According to the Seattle Police Department, at the end of the incident, the off-duty cops were not arrested. Also, a police report was not filed because there was no crime.


    A Bellevue police chief released a statement Tuesday that said she personally called the Seattle police officer to apologize and said it was unacceptable behavior and did not represent the Bellevue Police Department.


    The Bellevue Police Department is conducting an internal investigation.

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