• Bellevue officers punished for taunting Seattle officer at Hawks game


    BELLEVUE, Wash. - Two Bellevue police officers accused of taunting and swearing at a Seattle police officer before a Seahawks game have been punished in connection with the September incident.  A third officer was exonerated, the Bellevue Police Department said Tuesday.


    Corporal Dion Robertson, a 22-year veteran, was demoted to officer and stripped of his supervisory responsibilities on the Bomb Squad.  Officer Andy Hanke, a seven-year veteran, was suspended without pay for 30 days and removed from the Bomb Squad.  The moves mean the two will suffer "significant" losses in pay, the department said in a news release.


    Police Chief Linda Pillo said the investigation led her to conclude that "their actions, although embarrassing and disheartening, did not rise to the level of termination."


    In the news release, Bellevue police gave this account of what happened: "After seeing a female littering, an SPD officer asked her to pick it up. The female, a City of Bellevue Utilities employee picked the item up. Robertson and Hanke, who were with this female, used profane language while confronting the SPD officer. An SPD supervisor was called to the scene to assist with the incident."


    Soon after, a ticketholder contacted a security officer inside the stadium, police said, complaining about Robertson and Hanke’s offensive language, the department said.


    "During this incident, the female City of Bellevue Utilities employee who littered earlier made statements identifying them as 'Bellevue’s finest' and suggested to the citizen to be careful while driving in Bellevue. Security asked them to leave the stadium. The female detective was not involved in this incident and did not make any comments to the public as previously reported by the media," the news release said.


    The investigation determined Officer Hanke drove home under the influence of alcohol.  There's no evidence of his level of intoxication, so he won't be charged, but Pillo found he violated policy.

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