• Bees delay Mariners-Angels game


    ANAHEIM, Calif. - A swarm of bees was the cause of two delays during the Seattle Mariners-Los Angeles Angels game Sunday afternoon.

    The first delay happened during the third inning when Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez was on the mound.

    The Angels had two runners on and two outs in the third when the bees clustered near the right-field wall, sending Mariners outfielders running to the infield. While most fans stayed in their seats, the teams clustered near their dugouts as a few brave grounds crew members and crowd volunteers attempted to deter the bees.

    After about a 20 minute delay, the game resumed.

    The game briefly stopped for the second time during the fourth inning because of the bees.

    After the grounds crew released a carbon dioxide spray in the outfield to dissuade the bees, the game continued.

    The Mariners went on to beat the Angels, 3-2.

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