• Beavers getting busy at Golden Gardens Park


    SEATTLE - Dozens of trees have been cut down at a popular Seattle park and beavers are responsible.


    They're gnawing away at trees in Golden Gardens Park and there's concern the pond at the north end may overflow onto a nearby walking path.


    Tree stumps, broken branches and wood chips are evidence of the beavers’ work as they build a new home on the side of the pond.


     “(You can tell there’s beavers at work) just by walking through and seeing all the branches, and seeing all the holes being dug up and the dirt being moved around,” said neighbor Andrew Thompson, who’s concerned about the condition of the path.


    While Thompson worries about the trees being gnawed away, others said they don’t mind the beavers.


    “My preference goes for the animals, honestly.  I think it’s nice to have the animals,” said Tyrah Dunning.


    In the past, the city has tried to move similar dams, but doing so could cause flooding.


    The Seattle Parks Department said it plans to survey the dam and the damage and determine if action needs to be taken.


    Park-goer Terry Johnston said he hadn’t noticed the beavers, the dam or the missing trees.


    “I kind of have a warm spot in my heart for beavers, so I guess I side on the side of the beavers.  To me, there are trees all over the place.  Does it really matter if there’s few less trees here?” said Johnston.


    Neighbor Tim McKenzie agreed.


    “Live and let live. You know they’re part of our natural environment,” said McKenzie.


    The trees being cut by beavers are fast-growing varieties such as willows.

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