• Beaver dam breaks for second time in Duvall


    DUVALL, Wash. - A dam built by beavers has broken for the second time this month and caused a mudslide in Duvall on Friday evening.


    About 60 people rushed to a Duvall neighborhood to help save a historic home, roads and a highway after neighbors noticed mud and water flowing towards a family’s 100-year-old house.


    About three weeks ago, a beaver dam holding back a 13-acre pond burst open near Highway 203, which was behind the house. Tons of mud came crashing down, and crews worked to surround the house with sandbags.


    On Friday evening, the dam broke again, and residents filled and placed sandbags as fast as they could to help save the home.


    “At this point it’s by hand, so they’re digging trenches along the side where the water is somewhat naturally flowing, and carrying it down into larger ditches and culverts,” said neighbor Jaren Ostercamp. “There is personal property and public property and public safety. All hinges on this.”


    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Gary Horcher spoke with the homeowner about the second incident, and is worried a new landslide could level everything in its path.


    “It’s a high risk. We can’t have our kids here. We were advised not to have our family here,” said Bob Siko.


    After breaking for the second time, it is now getting the attention of the Governor and neighbors are hoping she will see what happened.

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