Bears wrestle in Florida yard | Bear cub escapes garage



There's no shortage of amazing bear video from Florida.

In a video posted last week, a Florida woman captured two black bears as they wrestled in her neighbor's yard. State wildlife officials told WESH-TV in Orlando that the bears could have been two younger males fighting to establish territory.

"They were scratching each other and there was blood. They were mean to each other," said Tammy Snell, who witnessed the fight.

The video was uploaded to YouTube, where it went viral over the weekend:

In other bear-related news, KIRO 7 sister station WFTV in Florida aired video Monday of a bear cub that escaped from a garage after becoming trapped.

The cub dangled from a garage door track inside the garage while the mother lifted the door from the outside. The cub was able to scamper across the track, grasp onto a nearby ladder, climb down and run to safety.

There were no reports of anyone hurt in either incident.

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