• Baby monitor reveals 2 sloth bears born at zoo


    SEATTLE - The December birth of a sloth bear at the Woodland Park Zoo kept staff monitoring the cub, but recent web camera footage revealed the cub has a twin, said officials with the zoo.


    After observing the newborn cub, born on Dec. 18, in the maternity den, a baby monitor suggested that there may have been more than one cub nursing.


    Officials said web camera footage confirmed that there were two newborns instead of one.


    "The cubs are now 1 month old," said Martin Ramirez, mammal curator at Woodland Park Zoo. "And although they haven't had a weigh-in or vet exam yet, we expect that their eyes are open, and they are beginning to teeth. At this point in their development, we're hopeful to see them becoming more active, exploring their den."


    The two cubs, born to 17-year-old Randy and 7-year-old Tasha, live in an off-view maternity den where keepers can observe their developments with a web camera and baby monitor. Randy died in early January.


    "In the wake of Randy's passing, we're happy to see his legacy continue through the new cubs," Ramirez continued. "It's a very exciting birth for us, and it brings us much hope for the future of the species at the zoo."


    The sloth bear exhibit is currently off view to the public as construction continues for the new Asian tropical forest exhibit.


    Video of the sloth bear cubs at the Woodland Park Zoo:



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