• Authorities report first liquid meth case in King County

    By: Amy Clancy


    Kent, Wash. -  

    During a recent drug bust, investigators for the King County Sheriff's Office told KIRO 7 they found something they'd never seen before: liquid methamphetamine. It was inside a cooler found hidden in a Kent closet.

    The undercover detective working the case, who cannot be identified, told KIRO 7 that he and others were serving a search warrant recently at a home connected to a 30-year-old man who was pulled over with $15,000 hidden in his vehicle. In addition to the cooler with liquid meth, the detective also found a pound of cocaine and two pounds of finished crystallized meth inside the home.

    The 30-year old "was taking the transported liquid methamphetamine, letting it return to a crystal form, breaking it up, and then selling it," Deputy David Mendez told KIRO 7 Reporter Amy Clancy. Deputy Mendez can be identified because he's not undercover. He's part of the KCSO's bomb and hazmat team, so it's his job to get rid of the meth in the cooler, which has begun crystallizing. Meanwhile, the suspect has been arrested.

    Although Mendez and the undercover detective said this is the first case of liquid meth they have seen, an Internet search reveals that meth hidden in liquids is becoming more common. It has also led to deaths when people have unknowingly taken a drink from containers holding the highly concentrated methamphetamine. This is why liquid meth is not a new way to take the drug, just transport it.

    Mendez and the undercover detective told KIRO 7 that most of the meth is made in Mexico and transported across the border, hidden in liquid, often in tequila bottles.


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