• ATTENTION SEAHAWKS FANS: New strict bag policy for home games

    By: John Knicely


    The 12th Man is eager to fill up CenturyLink Field for Saturday night’s Seahawks preseason home game versus the Denver Broncos.  But they will be met at the gate with a new strict NFL bag policy.  Leave the backpack and large purse at home; each fan can now have one clear, plastic bag no larger than 12 inches by 6 inches by 12 inches. 

    Getting through security at a Seahawks game can take several minutes as the NFL also does a wand metal detector screening on each fan. CenturyLink Field General Manager Adam Link believes the new policy will speed up the process.

    “This will be better than going through 12 different pockets of a backpack, go through different pockets of a purse,” said Link.

    The Seahawks will give a clear bag with the team logo to each of the 67,000 fans entering the stadium for the Broncos game and they will do the same for the first regular season home game versus the 49ers on Sept. 15.

    The team plans to sell its logo bag for about $10, but fans don’t have to have the official bag. They can bring their own clear, plastic bag, which could be a freezer bag from home.

    All items in the bag must be loose.  A larger purse cannot be put into the clear plastic bag.  However, a clutch purse is still allowed in the stadium. It doesn’t have to be clear, but it can’t be larger than a hand or 4 to 6 inches.

    “We're not stopping you from bringing in anything you could previously,” said Link.  “The blankets, the jacket, you may have to sling it over your arm, wear the jacket.”

    KIRO 7 tested out the 12 by 6 by 12 Seahawks bag and was able to put in a light jacket, keys, phone and wallet with room to spare.  There was still room for a pair of gloves, set of binoculars and a bag of peanuts.

    The Seahawks emphasized there is no wiggle room with this policy.  But if fans try to push it or don't get the message, you'll be sent out a claim-check pod. There'll be two on the north end of the stadium and one in the event center, where valuables can be dropped off.  After dropping items off, a claim ticket will be given and after the game, items can be picked up.  Not every NFL team is offering the claim centers.

    An express lane is available if fans do not have bags with them. 


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