• Arrest of bikini barista accused of lewd conduct caught on camera


    EVERETT, Wash. -  The arrest of a bikini barista who was one of several girls accused of violating adult cabaret laws and lewd conduct in the booth was caught on camera by the coffee stand’s surveillance camera.

     The surveillance video was given to KIRO 7 Eyewitness News by the owner of the Everett Grab N Go espresso stand, where the woman was recently arrested.

     The video shows a police officer, who was posing as a customer, enter the stand.

     “We have probable cause to arrest you for adult cabaret violations and lewd conduct,” said the officer.

     The barista was later released and never charged with a crime.

     On Tuesday night, barista Aleesa Matteson was visited at the same espresso stand by Everett police.

     She was given three citations regarding violating the city's adult cabaret laws.

     She asked officers exactly what she did to break the law.

     “I’m not at a strip club. I’m not dancing for my customers. I’m not doing any lewd acts or any of that. And they said, ‘Well this is the cabaret law and this is the ticket you’re getting for it.’   They didn’t explain to me what their view of the cabaret law was,” said Matteson.

     Last week, Everett detectives arrested two other baristas at the same stand, saying that over a two-month investigation, baristas put on shows for undercover detectives, instead of selling coffee.

     Matteson said many customers offer money for things that aren’t for sale.

     “They ask, ‘What can I get for this amount of money,’ or something. I say, ‘A good coffee,’” said Matteson.

     The owner of the stand said officers disconnected his surveillance security system after the arrests.

     “I’m seeking legal counsel to defend my civil rights. They’re being trampled all over,” said stand owner Bill Wheeler Jr.

       Everett police said the investigation about activities at the stand came after a citizen complained.

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