• Armed robbery suspect only in middle school

    By: Lee Stoll


    EVERETT - The 12-year-old boy is one of two kids accused of holding up several Everett businesses at gunpoint.

    Both boys were booked into the Denny Juvenile Detention Center for first degree armed robbery.

    Surveillance video from Peck's Market shows a gunman hiding in a hooded sweatshirt who looks like an experienced criminal as he points a gun at clerk Sam Kim.

    But Everett police say the boy behind the bandana is 12-year-old David Radion. Facebook photos show him with a shy smile.

    "I did not try to risk my life." said Kim.

    Kim says he knew a child was threatening his life when he heard Reardon's high-pitched voice.

    "I thought it was a very little boy about 6th or 7th grade,” said Kim.

    Everett police say Radion robbed Kim and an Everett coffee stand—where he threatened to shoot a barista in the leg.

    Officers say the same gun was used by 16-year-old Filipp Selikhov who was caught on camera robbing a Jimmy John's in July.

    Selikhov gave the gun to Radion who then went on his own robbery spree.
    An officer who saw the surveillance video images recognized Radion from past run-ins with the pair and their friends.
    The boys were arrested and confessed.

    We stopped by the house where Radion lives with his parents a block from Peck's Market but no one was home.

    "Being on patrol and in this line of work for as many years as I have I have not run into a

    12-year-old or younger teen robbing locations,” said Everett Police Officer Aaron Snell.

    Police say they want to know where Selikhov got the gun and if it was loaded during the robberies.

    They are also looking for a third suspect seen with Selikhov when he robbed Jimmy John's.

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