• Another Seahawks fan says he fell victim to ticket crook

    By: Deborah Horne


    SEATTLE - His name is in the right hand corner of the receipt this newest victim got after buying the phony NFC Championship tickets. Carlos Duran's name is especially familiar to Aaron Schneider.

    "We ended up meeting up," Schneider said. 

    The Snoqualmie man met Duran outside Bellevue Square last Saturday, also hoping to buy two tickets to the NFC Championship game.  Duran agreed to the sale for $750. And he let Schneider photograph his driver's license. And no wonder. Except for the picture. It too, is fake.

    "He walked into Nordstrom's," said Schneider.  "And that's the last time I've heard or seen that individual."

    But Duran's dirty work apparently wasn't done.

    According to an email from the newest victim, Duran met him the same day in a parking lot in Redmond and sold him tickets to the same game, also for $750.

    And look at the tickets.  One of his tickets is Section 305, Aisle EE, Seat 14.  The tickets Aaron Schneider bought are for the same section, same aisle, for seats 12 and 13.  But all four are fake.

    "Get their name.  Get their identification."

    We met up with the Better Business Bureau's spokesman yesterday for pointers on how you can avoid similar scams trying to score some coveted Super Bowl tickets.

    David Quinlan said being an excited fan is part of the problem.

    "So they're going to go out there, they're going to be willing to spend money," said Quinlan. "And if they think they're going to get some Super Bowl tickets at a blockbuster price, they better think again."

    In fact, he advises going through a verified seller or reseller, someone you know is selling real tickets.

    Even if it costs more, you will have the tickets you paid for.

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