• Another Capitol Hill business hit by thief

    By: Joanna Small


    SEATTLE - Another Capitol Hill business has been burglarized and this time, it seems the thief narrowly escaped.

    KIRO 7 reported Saturday night a string of burglaries at multiple businesses on Capitol Hill, but overnight another one was hit, and we got pictures of the thief's apparent escape route.

    "The fence behind it was broken and the barbecue was knocked over, stuff was scattered everywhere, and there were cops in there with the K-9s,” Danny Lowry said, pointing at a wooden fence behind the bar where he works. 

    The bar is just a few doors down from Capitol Hill's latest smash-and-grab victim -- Caffe Ladro.  After shattering the glass door and trying -- unsuccessfully -- to snag the safe, the thief bolted-- Lowry says he went right through the fence.

    There have been several break-ins over the last few weeks. On Saturday KIRO 7 showed surveillance footage from inside the Shop Rite June 13. In each case the thief shatters glass. In some cases, the person steals cash. Caffe Ladro has cameras, too, but the manager hasn't reviewed them.

    Police say even without looking at the footage from Caffe Ladro yet they are looking into whether the same person is breaking into all these Capitol Hill businesses, KIRO showed the surveillance footage from the Shop Rite to some locals.

    "Wow that's pretty brazen isn't it?  Just take a rock and throw it through someone's door?" Leo Dubois, a Caffe Ladro customer, commented as he watched the video.  Dubois was shocked but couldn’t identify the culprit.

    “I do not recognize him,” agreed Lowry.  He says he wishes he did because he's worried the guy will come back.

    "I think we're a little concerned about our business being in trouble,” Lowry concluded.

    Police couldn't confirm there was a chase after the Caffe Ladro burglary.  They did tell us there have been no arrests.

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