• Animal Control removes cats from Spanaway woman's home for second time


    SPANAWAY, Wash. -  Authorities took away cats for the second time from a Spanaway woman who repeatedly hoarded up to a hundred cats at her home.


    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Amy Clancy spoke with the woman’s neighbor, George Slaughter, and he said the cats would often stray into his backyard.


    “Oh, just defecated everywhere, they’re a mess,” said Slaughter.


    Other residents expressed relief that the latest number of cats were taken to the Pierce County Humane Society shelter by Animal Control.


    This is the second time cats have been removed from her property. According to authorities, the last time was in July of 2009, when more than a hundred cats were taken away.


    According to Animal Control officials, the woman wasn’t prosecuted because state and local laws allow homeowners to have as many pets as they wish just as long as there is no evidence of cruelty and neglect.


    Since there is no evidence that the woman mistreated the cats, the only law she is breaking is not having them all licensed.


    The woman was not prosecuted in 2009 and KIRO 7 learned she will not face any charges.


    The shelter where the cats are at is facing huge costs in caring for the animals, but they hope families will adopt the cats.

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