• Anarchists hope for more destruction at this year's May Day

    By: David Ham


    SEATTLE - Seattle police say they will have more officers on the streets watching May Day protesters, but local anarchists say they aren't afraid to cause trouble.

    "Frankly, I hope that they mainly go for banks and Niketown and everything like that," said an anarchist who did not want to be named.

    We asked Mayor Mike McGinn if he felt confident the city is ready for this year's May Day.

    "You know, Seattle Police Department is working hard but it's really hard to predict what tomorrow will look like," said McGinn.

    He said that he will be ready to declare a civil emergency depending on the circumstances.

    "The whole country's in a heated moment right now and if you don't think that the SPD is excited about what's going on on the east coast, well then we're all fools," said the anarchist.

    Niketown, American Apparel and H & M were all vandalized last year by rioters.

    Employees at the store say they plan to be open on May 1, and will not make any special preparations.

    Elman McClain is the head of security at Seattle Central Community College. It's where protestors are set to meet at 6 p.m. on May Day.

    "We don't know what to expect. Last year it was pretty peaceful up here," said McClain.

    Students are being advised to be alert, but anarchists say their targets are big businesses, such as the Seattle branch of Goldman Sachs.

    Online, anarchists are calling to "shut down" the banks.

    We asked the anarchist what would be accomplished by causing destruction.

    He said, "Well, I guess unless you speak out and what not, nobody's really gonna know you're that you're angry."

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