• Anarchist calls May Day success, gives advice on how to avoid arrest

    By: Henry Rosoff


    SEATTLE - Rioters from the May Day march that turned violet say their message was heard.

    “What’s really important to take away from this is resistance to oppression, resistance to exploitation, resistance to political silence,” said Ian Finkenbinder, a self-proclaimed anarchist who was pepper sprayed in the face Wednesday.

    But people we found in downtown Seattle said the message was lost when windows started breaking.

    “Some of the businesses that were vandalized, were small businesses, so that’s very frustrating,” Liz Coleman said.  “I feel the anarchists are kind of losing the point.”

    Furthermore, for as much attention as the protesters wanted May Day, online anarchist sites advise people to throw away demonstration clothes, to  get rid of all weapons, to avoid talking about May Day online or in texts and to not speak with police.

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