• Alleged casino thief struck, killed as he flees

    By: Deborah Horne


    Jaime Snyder was on his way home from work Thursday night when he came upon a man in the middle of Highway 99, outside the Royal Casino.

    "When I came up there he was just crouched down or sitting in the middle of the road," Snyder said.

    Too upset for an on camera interview, Snyder said he didn't want to hit him.

    "I tried to swerve to the left and slammed on my brakes and was unable to avoid him," he said.

    Only moments before, said eyewitnesses, the man, identified as 30-year-old Dahai Guan of Federal Way, had been inside the Royal Casino gambling. Just before 10 o'clock, he took something -- then ran out of the casino with it -- and to his death. The casino operator said they are still trying to figure out how the robbery happened and just what Guan took.

    At this Southcenter Mall restaurant where Guan was a kitchen worker, his coworkers were baffled when he wasn't at work Friday morning. Then, says Mizuki Buffet manager Ben Chen, they got a call from an Everett woman they know as Guan's godmother.
    "We were calling, too," said Chen.

    "And then the godmother called?" I asked.

    "And let us know," said Chen, nodding. "So it's unfortunate."

    Investigators said Snyder did nothing wrong and won't be cited.

    "Having not done anything wrong, it's still a horrible situation," said Snyder. "I pray for his family."

    No one we talked to could explain Guan's behavior, why he was robbing the casino nor why he would run into the street to his death.

    We have several calls into the Snohomish County sheriff, who is investigating the robbery.

    We will let you know when we hear back.


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