• Alcohol believed to be a factor in collision that killed 2

    By: Chris Legeros


    WHATCOM COUNTY, Wash. - The 911 calls started shortly after midnight Tuesday.

    A green Chevy Tahoe was spotted speeding and driving erratically on the Guide Meridian Road north of Bellingham.

    Suddenly, it crossed the centerline and smashed head-on into a Honda Civic.

    The drivers of both cars died.

    See photos from the crash scene here.

    Washington State Trooper Keith O'Leary said 23-year-old Travis Holst was behind the wheel of the Tahoe.

    Investigators believe he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

    O'Leary said, "There was an odor of intoxicants as we were dealing with him at the scene in the back of an aid car."

    The driver of the Honda Civic was 20-year-old Brox Browning from Lynden.

    He was simply driving home from his girlfriend's house when he was killed.

    His brother, Blake Browning said, "It's so bewildering, I'm still in shock. The fact that I may never get to see him again for something he wasn't in control of, something he couldn't help, that kind of hurts." 

    Travis Holst's family didn't want to talk about the crash.

    A computer database check revealed that Holst was arrested last summer and accused of driving under the influence of drugs.

    Trooper O'Leary said the tragic crash Tuesday should be a wake up call for everyone on New's Year Eve.

    His message is to not drink and drive.


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