• Accused killer fights with court officers

    By: Lee Stoll


    Island County, Wash - An accused killer who says he's crazy certainly acted the part in court. But doctors say his bizarre behavior is just that--an act.
    Joshua Lambert is on trial for murdering both of his grandfathers in Oak Harbor nearly 2-years ago.
    He was removed from court today after a verbal outburst. Lambert then lunged at officers who quickly tackled him and dragged him out.

    Lambert started the day in leg restraints surrounded by officers but he started to yell at judge Vickie Churchill for refusing his request to act as his own attorney.
    Questions from prosecutor Greg Banks launched the double murder suspect into ramblings.

    "You're trying to alter the facts with your 'yes or no' say what I say questions," Lambert yelled.

    Judge Churchill ordered Lambert to behave.

    "You are making it worse on yourself by not just simply answering questions," Churchill said.

    Island County detectives say Lambert stabbed both of his grandfathers and tied up his aunt October 3, 2011.
    The 32-year-old claims he is schizophrenic and argues he's not guilty by reason of insanity.
    He says voices told him his son was in danger and he needed to get guns to protect the boy.
    The voices told him to kill anyone who got in his way.

    "I tried to get the voices to reschedule and they wouldn't." Lambert rambled incoherently.

    Doctors who evaluated Lambert say his fits are fake.

    "We didn't think he had a psychotic illness and he was demanding we give him anti-psychotic medication." said Dr. Margaret Dean.

    Lambert was declared fit for trial and cleared to act as his own attorney—until an outburst last week forced Judge Churchill to have his stand-by lawyer take over.
    The confessed meth user has been in and out of prison for assault.
    Prosecutors say a drug binge drove Lambert to murder—not delusions.

    "Were it not for the substance use, the symptoms wouldn't be there," said Dr. Dean.

    Jury deliberations will start Wednesday.

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