• Accusations flying on both sides of State Senate race

    By: Kevin McCarty


    State Rep. Jan Angel finally broke her silence Thursday to denounce television ads in her race for the state Senate that claim she voted against funding mammograms and cancer screening.

    The ads, running on Comcast cable, were paid for by a political action committee called She's Changed, and Angel claims the bulk of the cash to pay for air time came from San Francisco- based billionaire and political activist Thomas Steyer.

    "He's trying to buy this Senate seat," said Angel. "And if he can do that to Jan Angel, who's next?"

    Angel called the ads inaccurate and illegal calling on her opponent, incumbent state Sen. Nathan Schlicher to denounce the ads and ask that they be pulled. But Schlicher said he won't do that. And he countered by claiming Angel has also taken money from out of state donors.

    "At least in this instance you can see who's donating to various campaigns," said Schlicher. "On their side they funnel it all through the state party and hide that information from voters."

    The off-year race for the 26th Legislative District Senate seat has become the most expensive state Senate race in Washington's history with more than $2.5 million spent so far between the two campaigns.

    The seat is seen as crucial in the Senate where Democrats are fighting to maintain a majority headed into the 2014 campaign.

    Schlicher was appointed to the seat after Derek Kilmer was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives last year. Angel is the state representative for position 1 in the 26th District.

    The district covers Key Peninsula and part of the Kitsap Peninsula from Gig Harbor to Bremerton.

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