• $96,000 in furniture, vehicle stolen from staging company

    By: Henry Rosoff


    Thieves made off with $96,000 worth of furniture and a truck, from a company that stages houses people are trying to sell.

    The owner of Rosichelli Design said his warehouse off Colorado Avenue South was broken into a few days ago.  The crooks loaded up one of their trucks with furniture and drove off.

    They stole a whole condo’s worth of items (see pictures) including a very expensive rug.  It will make life difficult in the coming days for the local small business.

    “We've finally reached a level of success because of the downturn we had for two years,” owner Jon Rosichelli said. 

    “A lot of people in this industry were hit pretty heavily, and now we're back on track and this is kind of hard to take."

    Rosichelli said other warehouses along Colorado Avenue South have been hit in recent months.

    If you recognize any of the items in the attached gallery call Seattle police.

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