• 9/11 Pentagon limestone arrives at memorial site in Federal way

    By: Maria Guerrero


    FEDERAL WAY, Wash. - The last piece of a special, 9/11 tribute arrived at SeaTac airport Monday  morning.

    South King Fire & Rescue applied and was granted artifacts from all three Sept. 11, 2001 crash sites for a memorial being built right now in Federal Way.     

    King County firefighters stood silent as a somber delivery was made.

    A 150-pound piece of limestone was once part of the Pentagon.  Washington D.C. firefighters packaged it  and Alaska Airlines flew it to Sea-Tac Airport.

    It completes a 9/11 memorial being built at Station 64 in Federal Way.

    It is at this station Assistant Chief Gordie Olson reported for duty that fateful day.

    "I remember just sitting around with my brother and sister firefighters and saying, 'My God, there had to have been hundreds of New York firefighters in the buildings that day," said Olson.

    Firefighters, including Lt. Chris Burdyshaw, are building the memorial themselves.

    "I think it is important to never forget and to have a place to view this," he said.

    It'll include a rock taken from the field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.  A  piece of steel from one of the World Trade Centers was delivered in 2011.

    It'll point toward New York and will include the names of fallen police and firefighters.

    A wall will display the names of all of the victims.  There will be streaming water, Benches and a tree at the monument as well.

    "I hope people come and take a moment to reflect on what happened to our country," said Burdyshaw.

    South King Fire & Rescue hope to complete the memorial in July.

    It'll be dedicated this upcoming September 11.

    The memorial is paid for by private donations through the South King Firefighters Foundation.

    Local company Ewing Supply donated $8,000 worth of lighting for the memorial.

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