• 911 audio from I-5 shooting backs up account given by troopers

    By: Henry Rosoff


    SEATTLE - New 911 audio from the ship canal bridge shooting backs up the account given by State Troopers who confronted a man who stopped his car in the middle of the highway.

    “I was right next to the guy who shot him,” said one caller to a 911 operator.  “I saw him charge the cop, and I’m happy to report as a witness if they need it.  I saw him run at one of the officers.”

    Other callers reported very erratic behavior by the suspect, Jonathan Whitehead, who was shot and killed by police Monday, after blocking two lanes along I-5 south with his truck.

    “The fire was in his truck,” said another 911 caller.  “He set a fire in his truck.”

    Other callers reported him spray painting the highway after his stopped and massive traffic backups.

    The Seattle police are investigating the case, because two Washington State Troopers fired their weapons.  However, family and neighbors said Whitehead’s brother is an SPD officer.

    A police spokesman would not confirm the relationship, but when asked about possible conflict of interest said “It would not change how we investigate it.  It just would not matter.”

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