• 84-year-old woman beaten 'brutally' in attempted carjacking

    By: Gary Horcher


    Yelm, Wash. - Moments after 46-year-old carjacking suspect Lane Bennett was seen in surveillance running across the street to 84-year-old Mavis Mcdonald's car, police say he beat her severely--because she wouldn't surrender her car to him.

    As Bennett beat McDonald, a Good Samaritan saw what was happening, and pulled over to confront the suspect.

    "He wasn't in his right mind, to say the least," said Wayne Potter, who lost his own truck to the same carjacker--while he was hoping to save McDonald.

    "As soon as he opened the door he jumped in my truck and I grabbed the car door, and we were struggling," said Potter, adding that the carjacker could have dragged him down the street.

    "At that point, the car went into gear, I decided it's best just to let him go, because obviously this wasn't going to turn out very well."

    Potter said he ran back to care for McDonald, who was trying to get on her feet.

    "She was really in tough shape, so I just knelt down with her and was just trying to comfort her."

    Meanwhile, police say Bennett led them on chases at 100 mph, hit a ditch, reversed and crushed a detective's car.

    Then they say Bennett tried to carjack another driver, before a Taser was used on him and he was arrested.

    Potter says he'll send McDonald flowers in the hospitals. He's hoping she recovers--and he's glad he stopped to help a stranger in need.

    "I would hope that someone would do the same for me if I was in that situation."

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