Elderly Seattle woman confronts burglary suspect

by: Chris Legeros Updated:


SEATTLE - Ruth Quiban was in the kitchen of her Magnolia home last Thursday when she heard the noise of a window screen being pushed inside her house. 

She went to investigate and found a stranger staring back at her through the open window. 

Quiban said, "He just stood there and looked and said this is my house."

The 83-year-old woman stood her ground and said, "This is not your house, it's my house." She reached for a phone and the man took off. 

Just a block away, Kimberly Marino spotted him hovering over her 6-year-oldson. His hands were shaking inside of his front pockets. 

The man told Marino that he had $25 million and that he was there to do the deal they had talked about. 

Marino said, "In that moment, fear set in and I was like OK stranger, danger, our lives are in danger." 

The mother took her boy inside and called a neighbor for help. He chased the stranger away. 

Police arrested 28-year-old Louis Nassif a short time later on a bus. He's got a long criminal history. Nassif is in the King County Jail, accused of residential burglary.

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