• 83-year-old woman attacked during Edmonds home invasion robbery

    By: Chris Legeros


    EDMONDS, Wash. - Two robbers startled 83-year-old Minh Tavenner when they broke through the glass door of her home Friday afternoon near the corner of 75th Avenue West and 228th Street in Edmonds. 

    One man grabbed her by her blouse, shook his fist at her and threatened to kill her if she didn't tell him where to find money. 

    Tavenner begged the men not to hurt her. They tied her hands with the cord from a pair of earbuds. 

    They threw every phone in the house on the floor so Tavenner couldn't call for help. Valuables were stashed in a backpack, including rolls and rolls of coins that Tavenner's daughter, 
    Huong Le, had collected. 

    Then the robbers pushed Tavenner into a bathroom and left. 

    Police caught one of the crooks as he ran away. The other was picked up at a gas station in Shoreline after a cab driver tipped off police. 

    Huong Le thinks the robbers knew about her coin collection and targeted her house. She's very happy both men have been locked up, and even more relieved that her 83-year-old mother will be okay.

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