• 8 college men corner 2 women breaking into their home

    By: Natasha Chen


    SEATTLE - Two women were arrested for burglary after Seattle police said they broke into a house where eight University of Washington fraternity brothers cornered them until police arrived.

    Police said the women had stolen mail from several residences nearby, as well as a black ski mask and black batting gloves. The residents also told KIRO 7 the women had other people’s car keys and a TASER in one of their bags.

    Ryan Doumani said one of the two women had put his entire safe into a backpack.

    “So it had my checkbook, passport, my ID everything,” Doumani said.

    His housemate said the other woman had his laptop.

    Doumani said he noticed the back door open when he woke up from the living room couch at around midnight Wednesday. He locked it and went upstairs toward his room.

    Halfway up the stairs, he said he noticed two strange women looking into his housemate’s room. One wore a party dress and the other had on sweats.

    “They said, ‘Oh, we know someone who lives here.' I was like, ‘I don’t think so. I live here, and I don’t recognize you.’ They said, ‘Oh, sorry this is the wrong house,’” he said.

    He noticed they had his backpack, so he stopped them by grabbing both their arms. They tried to run. In the struggle, one of the women’s shirts ripped. She then bit him on the forearm and fled.

    His housemate, Elliott Adams, woke up and jumped into action. He chased her out a basement door. He said he demanded she return the bag with Doumani’s laptop.

    “She’s like ‘OK, please let me go. I gave you your stuff back, so please let me go,’” Adams said.

    But even as she was brought back into the house, the women continued to bargain their way out of the situation. The residents said the women kept pleading for them not to call the police, and in exchange, they would allow the men to break into their house and take their Play Station 4.

    “We did end up calling the police even though we could have gotten a PS4 out of it,” Doumani said.

    The police report states the women gave fake names and claimed, “It wasn’t burglary because the back door was unlocked”.

    The University of Washington told KIRO 7 about multiple burglaries last month at sorority houses, but the suspect described in those incidents was a man.

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