79-year-old man lost while picking mushrooms found



RANDLE, Wash. - A 79-year-old man survived after he was lost for nearly three days in the woods near Randle.


Dapeng Yang was in the wilderness looking for lobster mushrooms Sunday when he looked up and realized he was lost. He suffered through freezing cold nights and hallucinations due to a lack of water.


KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Richard Thompson spoke with Dapeng Yang and his daughter, Fang Yang, about how he survived during those nights.


“He didn’t worry, he wasn’t scared,” said Fang Yang.


Dapeng Yang was separated from his daughter and her friend while picking mushrooms, and then fell.


“He fell down while he was climbing down, and then he tried to call us,” said Fang Yang.


Dapeng Yang was stiff and sore after the incident, but he said that he stayed hopeful when he was lost.


After Dapeng Yang separated from the two, he lost his water and lighter. His tennis shoes and jeans did not keep him warm during the cold nights.


“He curled up,” said his daughter.


A search team was looking for Dapeng Yang.


Perhaps due to the dehydration, he began to hallucinate. His daughter said that he imagined he found a hotel, and police were there, but when he woke up, there were just trees.


Yang said he moved up- and downhill every day, and his daughter said he finally walked out on a road on his own and a rescue team was there.


“I kneeled down, I put my hands like this and I prayed, ‘God, please help. I can’t lose my dad,’” said Yang’s daughter.


Dapeng Yang was check out at the hospital after he was found and doctors said he was dehydrated but in good shape.