• 49ers fans rally in Pioneer Square

    By: Linzi Sheldon


    SEATTLE - San Francisco 49ers fans rallied on First Avenue in Pioneer Square on Saturday, cheering and trash talking.

    "We don't need 12, we only need 11 right here!" one fan yelled. "Paint the city red this weekend! Let's go Niners!"

    Seattle police were on hand as excited and rowdy fans drove by waving flags and honking, led chants, and held up signs.

    Officers on foot and on bikes told fans to get off the median and stay out of the street, a reminder of the increased security SPD is planning for before, during, and after the NFC Championship game.

    Some 49ers fans told KIRO 7 they organized meeting up with other fans at San Francisco International Airport before flying to Seattle. Others said they found out about the rally on Facebook.

    It's an answer to the many rallies the 12th man has held all week long.

    One Hawks fan on his motorcycle stopped by and grinned as 49ers fans chanted at him. He revved his engine to try to drown out the cheers.

    Seahawks fan Jeff Strain, who was wearing a Marshawn Lynch jersey, tweeted to other fans, asking them to come out and represent.

    "I love them to death!" he said of the 49ers fans. "I'm glad they came down here-- this is what makes it fun. Rivalries are what make football fun!"

    Some 49ers fans recognized the noise was nothing compared to what they'll hear from rowdy Hawks fans at CenturyLink Field.

    "We brought earplugs! We brought earplugs!" Brad Mattson said. "I wish we could all sit in the same section-- safety in numbers!"

    Hawks fans are counting down until Sunday.

    "Welcome to Seattle!" Strain said. "We're going to kick your butt."

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