• 49ers fans foil 12th Man photobomb


    FIFE, Wash. - San Francisco 49ers fans are claiming victory after foiling a Seahawks fan photobomb in front of a pro-49ers billboard.

    According to Field of Teams, the 12th Man gathered to take a photo in front of the digital billboard that was paid for by 49ers fans after the Seahawks fans raised money to fly a pro-Seahawks banner around Candlestick Park before the game.

    But the 12th Man never got a chance to take their photo. 49er’s fans knew about the event and foiled their photobomb plan by having the image switched just before the photo was taken.  It read ,“Superbowl Fail, TD Fail, Photobomb Fail.”

    But which was the bigger fail?

    The digital billboard 49ers fans paid $7,000 was supposed to be within a mile of CenturyLink Field.  In reality, it was nearly 27 miles from the stadium, in Fife.

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    The elaborate rivalry stunts between the teams have actually benefitted both cities.

    The 49ers fan group raised $4,000 more than the needed for the billboard, so they donated that money to Seattle Children’s hospital. When the 12th Man raised money to fly a banner over Candlestick Park, they donated the excess funds to Wounded Warrior Project.

    In a twist, now both 49ers fans and the 12th Man are working together to make steady donations to UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital and Seattle Children’s. Started by a Seahawks fan group, the fundraising effort for  UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital has reached nearly $20,000.  And 49ers fans have matched that with donations to Seattle Children's.  Together, the groups have raised nearly $50,000 to help children in San Francisco and Seattle.

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