4 lion cubs born at Woodland Park Zoo


SEATTLE - A 3-year-old lion gave birth to four cubs Thursday night at the Woodland Park Zoo, according to a spokesperson at the zoo.


The zoo said the litter is the first for mother Adia and the 13-year-old father, Hubert.


The cubs are also the first litter born at the zoo since 1991.


According to the zoo, Adia and the cubs are currently in an off-view maternity den where the family can bond in a hushed, comfortable environment.


Expert keepers and veterinarian staff at the zoo are closely monitoring the cubs by web cam.


Woodland Park Zoo's lions belong to the South African subspecies.


A spokesperson at the zoo said the cubs will be out for public viewing when they are a bit older and demonstrate good mobility skills, and when outdoor temperatures reach a minimum of 50 degrees.